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Methods device seam roof

Seam roof can arrange any of the crate with a certain pitch (usually 25 cm) or on solid ground. Failure desired (calculation) step may bend the steel sheets, resulting in weakening and possible deformation of the seams between the sheets of metal. This, in turn, often causes leakage and corrosion metal seam roof, especially in the joints of the pictures. A solid foundation is necessary to arrange at the junction, eaves, gutters, etc., and if the seam roofing complex, it takes most of its area. In this case the overrun seam roof material in the manufacture of all the solid sheathing is negligible.

          The recommended bias seam roof when using folding technology - more than 140 degrees. At lower slopes seam roof (from 70 to 140 deg.) Is compulsory unit solid base, as well as the use of double fold, compacted silicone sealant.

          For hard standing seam roofing is very important to respect the normal temperature and humidity conditions in the roof space. Violation of the required parameters leads to the formation of condensate on the inner side of the seam roofing sheets, which can also cause premature corrosion. Used connecting parts, such as nails, screws, wire, klyaymery must necessarily be made of galvanized steel. This is to ensure that they have the same service life as the cover cover seam roof.

          To date, traditional technology devices standing seam roofing sheet metal using special hammers displaced by a new, modern roll technology devices roofs of roll metal (with power tools), which improves the quality of welds and significantly increases productivity Labor roofers. Consider these two technologies in more detail.

Traditional technology devices seam roof

          traditional technology devices seam roof sheet steel requires highly skilled roofers. Works are carried out in several steps.

  • The first stage-production of paintings seam roof for the average coverage roof slopes, eaves, wall trenches, razzhelobov.

    For workpiece seam roof paintings in the beginning directly on site are done harvesting the necessary forms and sizes (in future drafts of the roof). Steel sheet standing seam roof is marked on the details with instruments and tools are applied to the metal box. Then, steel standing seam roofing sheet, depending on the thickness, cut various types of scissors and connected bedridden rebate pattern seam roofing, ramp length, the side edges are folded, i.e. make the workpiece to perform standing seam seam roof.
  • Second stage- installation of paintings seam roof.

    Pictures seam roof raise the roof and connect them to the sides of each other standing seam (often single). Then the picture is attached to the standing seam roof crate narrow steel strips - capping, which led into one end standing seam when they bend, and the other is attached to the beam purlins.

    Thus, a high-quality roofing standing seam roofing, without any technological holes. Holes from smoke and gas pipes, including ventilation, close aprons made of galvanized steel standing seam roofing. Galvanized roofing can not be painted with conventional enamels, nitro - and oil paints. For this purpose, there are special paints, although they are quite expensive (around $ 1/m2).

Roll roofs standing seam technology devices

          Roll technology is so called because roofing painting seam roof are made directly on the construction sites of the metal delivered in rolls, and can have virtually any length. It is this avoids cross (lying) folds and, accordingly, the main places of leaks in the seam roof.

          Connection roofing seam roof paintings carried out, as a rule, in a double standing seam. To ensure complete impermeability of the compounds, as mentioned above, seam can be sealed with silicone sealant.

          To use the roll technology necessary modern equipment, including Folded rolled machines, machine tools for metal cutting, special bending and sealing machines and others. The roll technology is the most advanced and allows you to organize the modern standing seam roof both from simple galvanized steel coils and galvanized with polymer coatings (polyester, the Puranas, plastisol).

The advantage of roll technology is:

  • The possibility of using not only galvanized steel, and steel with polymer coating, which is more corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and therefore more durable.
  • Ensuring a high degree of integrity coverage by seamer in double standing seam longitudinal seams of adjacent roofing sheets seam roof (in the absence of horizontal lying rebate).
  • The method of the device of the roof is almost noiseless, which is extremely important when working in densely populated areas.
  • The ability to use technology for standing seam roofs with any bias, any complex configuration of any size.
  • Fold mobility equipment, which allows to carry out all the work not only directly on site, but even directly to attic.
  • Water drainage system (gutters, rectangular and half-round gutters pipes, elbows to the gutter system) is made of the same materials as the roofing seam roof.

The roll seam roofing with a snap-fold

          A distinctive feature snap-fold - a unique mounting system, specially designed for the climate conditions and by an order superior to similar foreign counterparts. Roofing can be mounted both on a simple sheathing (wood, galvanized), and by a heater (not necessarily hard) without the need for battens and the sheathing.

          installation of the roof can be done for any reason with the help of special aluminum capping, can withstand heavy loads, while preventing the emergence of cold bridges and reducing the weight of under-roof " cake ".

          use " latch " will greatly save time installation of the roof and did not require a special rebate of equipment.


  • Joining roof panels using a waterproof locking connection (snap-fold), without the use of additional sealing.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of the roof panels do not require special skills and tools.
  • A single panel to the entire slope of the roof, without additional joints.
  • The current system of fixing, taking into account the thermal expansion of the material and does not damage the roof covering.
  • The fastening system enclosure roof, ladders, snow retention without damaging the roof covering.
  • The minimum cost of roof panels and installation.
  • Modern design, a large variety of materials, colors, shapes and sizes.


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