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Overview of types of roofing materials

Overview of types of roofing materials Reliability of the roof is one of the main factors of long-term use of the building. It protects the structure from water, prevents the destruction of the walls and the corrosion of the reinforcing frame. Roofing material should be strong, do not absorb moisture and to endure the impact of external factors.

Currently available on the market a large number of roofing materials, which differ both in their characteristics and way of installation. In order to make the roof safe and durable, you need a good understanding of the differences and the main characteristics of roofing materials.

When constructing a roof is most often used metal, asbestos slate, asphalt and ceramics. The main features of each of them.


Until recently, the slate has been one of the most common roofing materials. This type of coverage   It is long enough and is not destroyed by external factors such as rain, snow, wind or frost. Slate is made of asbestos, which does not burn or melt. Its installation does not require special skills and special equipment — enough to collect wooden frame and attach sheets with nails or bolts.

Slate — it is one of the cheapest types of roofing. Square meter coverage will cost 60-70 rubles, while the installation work will take no more than one or two days, depending on the size of the covered area. With the destruction of the roof is sufficient to replace the broken sheet, so the repair of such coverage is quite simple. Slate is used regularly for decades and term of operation can compete with metal tile.

The disadvantages of slate is its fragility, so it requires great care during transport and installation. Despite the longevity, the coating is very sensitive to mechanical stress and can easily be destroyed by careless handling. Another disadvantage is its slate harm to health. In itself, the coating does not pose any risk, but the asbestos dust that arises when drilling holes in the sheets, getting into the lungs can cause severe chronic disease, so those who are constantly working with slate, will automatically fall into the risk group.  


Metal is one of the most robust and durable materials, so the metal as widespread in construction. It is made of steel sheet with thickness up to 0.5 mm and having a corrosion-resistant coating. Metal is lightweight and does not require careful treatment during loading and transport. This roof is going fast enough, and the installation does not require high skills.

Depending on the type of anti-corrosion coating metal is galvanized and polymer. Galvanized tile is much cheaper, but the thin zinc coating with time destroyed and the metal begins to rust. In order to prevent corrosion it is necessary to periodically update the paint.

Polymeric roof tiles covered with durable powder paint, which is perfectly kept at the surface for a long time, do not fade or crack. Due to the costly method of coating the cost of such tiles is high enough, but when you consider the cost of repainting the annual production of galvanized steel, it still turns more favorable. Polymer tile has an attractive appearance and a large variety of color options. In case of damage to the roof will be sufficient to purchase the required amount of product the right color and replace the necessary parts.

Cost of the polymer of tile depends on the thickness of the metal, and the material used as the protective layer. The cheapest products are considered to be of steel thickness of 0.35 mm. They are covered by a thin layer of polyester, which is destroyed in the course of operation and is easily scratched during installation. Furthermore, such a roofing can be deformed under the weight of a person. Its life usually does not exceed 10-15 years.

Metal average quality has a thickness of 0.4-0.45 mm and covered with a thick layer of matte polyester. It is the most popular type of coating and are guaranteed to last for several decades.

Luxurious metal thickness of 0.5 mm has a strong and reliable coverage of purpala. This roof is not deformed or scratched. It will serve more than 50 years, with long retains its original appearance. The cost of the coating depends on the type of tile varies in the range from 200 to 500 per square meter.

Soft roofing materials

Advanced materials based on bitumen characterized by high strength and durability. The composition of such materials include up to 30% of various polymeric additives which alter their mechanical properties and   increase the strength, and is used as a base strong fiberglass.

Soft roofing materials made on the basis of bitumen and can be supplied in rolls or sheets. If necessary, it can be performed local repair of individual sections of the roof. This coating provides excellent sealing and can be laid on the roof of any slope and shape of the surface.

Installation procedure is heating and the deposited material without additional gluing mastics. Works are carried out by qualified personnel using special equipment. Bitumen coating is cheaper than metal and can last up to 50 years, while in case of damage, they are eliminated by sticking additional sheets. Depending on the materials used value of the coating can be from 50 to 150 rubles per square meter.


This type of coating is formed by individual plates a certain shape and size, which consists of bitumen, outer decorative layer and a reinforcing substrate which is used as a fiberglass or cellulose. Shingles is an attractive appearance and does not absorb moisture. The top layer of basalt aggregate protects the roof from mechanical damage. The coating is fixed to the solid sheathing or advance made of waterproof plywood sheathing, which increases the final cost of the work. One square meter of shingles cost about 300-400 rubles.

Natural tile

This tile hardly susceptible to external factors and can last more than 100 years. Being a brittle material, shingles requires special care during installation and transportation. Currently it produced two types of tile: Cement-sand and ceramic. The main disadvantages of natural tile is the high price and the great mass of the roof. One square meter of cover will cost from 400 rubles.

How to choose roofing

The choice of roofing depends on operating conditions, the required life, financial possibilities and aesthetic preferences. For a private home or cottage is best to use shingles or metal roofing coated. It has an attractive appearance and will last for a long time, so you do not have to worry about repairs or preventive maintenance of the roof. If finances allow, you can use natural tile, but in this case care should be taken of the strength of the rafters and purlins.

For non-residential buildings, such as warehouses or commercial buildings is best to use the slate. It is inexpensive, easy to install and protects the building from rain. If the   we are talking about the roof panel building, usually used soft roofing bitumen. This easy to repair the roof and protects the concrete it moisture. This bitumen roofing can be laid on the surface of any configuration.  

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