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Production of corrugated board using hand-held equipment

Manual listogiby – it is highly mobile, compact and versatile enough equipment for the production of corrugated board, any bending of sheet metal, performing the work efficiently and accurately. If we talk about the merits of devices, it is necessary to highlight the multi-functionality and durability. Durability is directly determined by the fact that the design of the beams and support members employed high-grade steel, which holds the load, and if really qualitatively performed, operation is rather long.

The modern device for manual bending profiles allow for the processing of metal up to 1.5 mm thick. Naturally, the main scope of – roofing metal sheets, the wall formwork. In listogib material and can be refilled from the back side and the front, so the pre-cutting is not necessary. In addition to profiles directly, you can make the valley, skates, sills, final assembly parts for siding, facade cassettes, and complex products. Present in the machine and control elements to change the angle of the beam symmetry and other small adjustments.

The main pros and cons of manual listogiba compared and mechanical

The main advantage, of course, it is compact. The equipment for corrugated board is mobile, can be transported on a car Tyre from place to place, more often it is a construction site. There is no need to measure the desired area, a separate workshop to produce parts and again to carry on-site. Hand mechanisms are convenient and simple to fill the sheets on both sides, fixes the upper limit set by the sheet, and the bottom is pressed against a system of levers, bends a sheet into the desired shape. Most often, there is a special system for the full flexion, making angles of 180 degrees in all directions and at any difficulty. Clamping mechanism, which is made on the This equipment for the corrugated board, the cam has a working principle, which allows to press the bar with one hand, without disturbing the geometry of the sheet. The entire structure is made of solid steel, though its overall weight and small. The machine is very durable and rarely breaks down, because of the simplicity of systems and mechanisms.

Speaking of what disadvantages has the Equipment for the production of corrugated board , you can select only the slow process of production, but the characteristics machine is that automate and not necessary. The only pre-determined by the thickness of the metal, the maximum length of the details, the depth of the sheet feed to the chosen model is ideally suited to the requirements.

What are the elements is a manual machine for corrugated board

1. Roller blade, made of durable alloy steel, with a resource life of up to 25 km of 0.5 mm metal. After the resource is exhausted, a knife is sharpened easily and the cycle is repeated several times. Weight cutting structure about 5 kg, powder steel is very durable and resistant to destruction;
2. Rear table on which rests the working material, then you can move it in the desired direction, to fill for folding. On the pillars of the table set itself bending device and cutter;
3. The front stops, using them is given the desired width of cut and design can be rotated 180 degrees and return to its original position;
4. The wooden stand on which the worker. This prevents slipping on the floor of the machine, besides the stand can be adjusted, and equipment for corrugated board moves through the shop floor or on wheels;
5. Measuring plate with a focus fold, they set the desired angle indicator, anchor sheet, or you can simply fold it without first fixing.

How is the process of making metal sheets

The main principle, which holds the job listogiba – steel girder impart desired force, which will depend on the thickness of the metal and its rigidity, and to control the resulting height of the wave. The course traverses or controlled by the workers themselves, that visually tracks the angle on the scale, or sensors in a timely manner to stop the process. Any equipment for the corrugated board is complemented by security systems that limit the progress of the working mechanism in the event of non-compliance with technical regulations. These systems can work with laser beams, blockers lining.

At the beginning of the beam is at the top, « dead » point. Lever is set in motion, the beam moves to the workpiece, and after touching you need to make a maximum effort. The right and left sides are regulated to detail has not turned a curve and when you reach the bottom, then there is a second « dead » point, the movement stops. The beam goes up, getting on the sheet, and the process is repeated several times until the desired effect.

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