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Profiled in the repair and decoration

Profiled in the repair and decoration Today, technological progress is really achieved an incredible level. The changes affected not only the methods of construction and instrumentation, and materials used. To help builders have developed many functional technological innovations that allow you to achieve incredible results, and in the speed and quality of the constructed (or repaired) buildings. And among these novelties versatile material corrugated board is not the last place.


As such, the efficient production of corrugated board began actively only in recent years. Before that, a long time the leading position occupied by manufacturers from distant from the capital city, for example. But in any case, regardless of the place of production, this material has its own characteristics stable specification.

Profiled in the repair and decoration is a trapezoidal or corrugated sheets is made of galvanized steel, special alloy. They can be applied as coating, paint or plastic. Demand for corrugated board, coated with a polymer from developers is much higher than a galvanized corrugated usual. Especially, if the material does not have the attractive appearance and a variety of colors. And it's rather practical aspect, as a subspecies of the material and look better, and keeps its basic qualities for much longer. In the construction, at least in the domestic market, thanks to high-quality production of such concepts nekonditsiyu sheeting painted corrugated hardly found.

Versatility sheeting is broad scope of practical application. Profiled in the repair and decoration can be applied or roofing material for the facade of buildings as the main or additional cladding material. It can also serve as a different kind of fences, concrete panel and so on. If we consider this stuff is not even practical and aesthetic point of view, the decking will look much more expressive and aesthetically attractive than the same siding on the fence or the roof. In addition, if the device, for example, the roof will be used profiled sheets, the period of its aesthetic appeal will last considerably.

The main positive characteristics of corrugated board are the eleven characterizing criteria. First – material shows an excellent load bearing capacity per unit mass of its own. The second – high speed and ease of installation. Third – high mechanical strength. Fourth – stylish and modern aesthetic appearance. Fifth – high resistance to damage and corrosion. Sixth – light weight. Seventh – environmental friendliness. Eighth – ease of cutting, drilling. Ninth – resistance to impact (and including – weather). Tenth – reusability. Eleventh – minimum service life of thirty years, and if coated – then forty-five years.

Using the

Profiled in the repair and decoration in general, can be used even for different types of cladding, for exterior and interior. It is often used to decorate the loggias or balconies of apartment buildings in the city, fences or buildings on the plot or in a private home. Suitable materials for the device roofs of capital and time, as well as a roofing material, especially for the type of economic structures. And use it professionals and ordinary consumers because it is lightweight and easy to install. Mount possible profiled vertically and horizontally. Because of this it can be built from almost any type of design complexity.

There are some aspects that must be considered. The aesthetic component sheeting, of course, important, but in the construction of the roof of this material should focus on other important aspects, such as waterproofing, insulation, insulation. That is why the installation and roof, and insulation materials, it is best to entrust the sensible professionals. Only they know all the details, all the possible complications that often arise during installation of the roof this type.

In addition to the sale of corrugated board, many construction companies may offer and a range of related services. Especially valuable is considered expert advice (assistance in selecting a variety of current material and its installation), delivery, site visits to carry out the preliminary measurement. It can be considered as a useful service to calculate the amount of materials, unloading of the material (after the delivery from the warehouse of the manufacturer). Less company can offer installation and services.

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