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Proper installation of metal

Proper installation of metal Metal differs from the usual weight and easier to her five times, and, therefore, during its installation should take into account these features. This allows you to apply a lighter truss system, and a large area sheets – a rare crate.

Today, the price of metal is quite affordable to many consumers, but it should comply with the technology of metal laying, because it is external and the internal temperature is different and, therefore, on the inner surface thereof, condensation may form, which cumulatively can cause corrosion and lead to destruction of the roof structure of the roof. In order to prevent this process, it is necessary to use special anti-condensation membrane that is just used to create metal roofs. As a rule, they are one-sided and should be laid to the rough surface of the insulation. For proper ventilation of roof space should ensure that two air gaps which may occur due to the presence of the roof structure and crates kontrobreshetki. These elements may appear, when it comes to insulate the roof, and the thickness of the insulation is determined using Thermal calculation. From inside the premises it is closed by a layer of a vapor barrier, but in order to improve the sealing of the webs, its paste tape. After that, the outside of the stuffed kontrobreshetku of wooden beams cross-section 50x50, which allows to ventilate the roof space due to the fact that forms a ventilation gap between the waterproofing and insulation. Then kontrobreshetku fit antikondensantnaya membrane that will protect the insulation and the roof structure itself against moisture. Top packed crate, on which lay a roofing material.

In that case, if the house is decided not to use the roof space, then the rafters will be engraved on a continuous or conventional lath and then attached roofing material. All this is done with overlapping sheets and roofing material to the sheathing attached with galvanized screws, which are pre-placed under the rubber gasket. When installing metal should be aware that it can only be cut with special scissors for metal, but in any case no grinder, otherwise it will break its protective layer.

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