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Roof and roof fans

Roof and roof fans Roof fans type DAs, (k) made from polyester-glass (in the case of standard fans) or vinylester-glass (in the case of acid fans) composite. The composite is a resin reinforced with fiberglass. This structure provides higher mechanical strength, weather resistance, and a substantially constant color fastness specified in the manufacturing process, which is often very important from the point of view of maintenance and care.

Colour fan can be almost anything, for RAL table, and the pigment is permanently incorporated into the resin, whereby the glass layer is saturated. Due to such technology fan casings require little or no color, and the duration of operation has no effect on the stability of the pigment applied.

Installation of roof fans

Mounting elements of the fan, which is attached to the rotating frame and bolted to the cover, further strengthened with steel rings. These rings are inside the laminate structure, wherein they are recessed into the laminate, and thus have no contact with the air that passes through the fan, — Is it the air space or air. The decision to limit the corrosive effects.

The fan is screwed to the cover using the M8 bolts that come with the device. The factory bolts screwed into the lower ring on the pitch diameter according to the size indicated on the installation drawing.

The steel frame of the rotating system, and base fabric constituting an integral part of the body, painted powder coated in black. Before staining, these elements are cleaned, degreased and washed in different bathrooms. And only after receiving a perfectly clean surface, they are covered with powder paint, fired in kilns. The coating process is carried out in accordance with ISO 9000.

Balancing the fan impeller is made static and dynamic methods. Balancing quality ensures vibration-free operation. After balancing on the balancer the impeller is mounted on the corresponding engine. Employment wheel together with the frame is checked for own motor bearings. This adjustment eliminates the mutual influence of residual nedovesok remaining anchored in the process of balancing the engine factory of electric motors and the impeller (in the process of balancing the wheels).
Fan created thus provides continuous operation without accidents with low level of acoustic pressure. When picking and delivery of the equipment by " Universal " common practice is to select a color fan or colors of the roof facade of the object on which they are mounted. As standard, the fans are made resistant to temperatures up to + 45 & deg; C. But it is possible to order the production of the fan with temperature resistance up to + 90 & deg; C. Power supply fan in every speed range is 3x380 V. In case supply voltage 1h220 The fans are only available with rotation speed of 1400 rev/min.

Multi-speed roof fans DAs

Two speed DAs, k-P2 and three speed DAs, k-P3 fan motors through the use of two or three distinct windings enable to receive variables engine speed in two or three bands of the rated speed. For technical reasons, are currently produced only modification to the configuration of fan DAs, k-250 P2/P3 and DAs, k-315 P2/P3. These fans can more efficiently accommodate the volume of air blown to the time-varying heat input and moisture both in summer and in winter.

Explosion proof roof fans DAEx

In this class are four fan — DAExC-160, DAExC-250, DAExC-315, DAExA/B-400. All are made of a special composite polyester reinforced with fiberglass, with an admixture of substances that provide a low level of electrical resistance, and thereby provide a leak of electric charge. Given the properties of plastics, the only possible color for these fans is black. Fans are certified DAEx type KDB 94.502 W, which refers them to the class of explosive IIA, IIB, IIC and temperature class T1-T4. The main places of application are acetylene and hydrogen stations, miner, lamp, storage and painting shop, laundry and dry chemical warehouses, oils and greases.

Roof fans FEN

The practice of conducting natural ventilation in buildings often confronts the problem of investor immobility air in ventilation ducts. The reason for this is the lack of gravity for the drive module, for example, windless weather or temperature equalization between the outer space and ventilated area.
In this case, the use of mechanical ventilation. But in cases where the natural ventilation can solve the problem of ventilation, mechanical ventilation leads to operate at a higher cost of operation. A convenient and cost-effective it would be a device that provides flexibility to choose between gravitational and mechanical ventilation. Due to these problems, experts " Uniwersal " We created a new family of roof fans, which combine savings mechanical and natural ventilation. In the family there are three modifications FEN — FEN-160, FEN-250 and FEN-315.

Quiet fans   SilWent

Fans type SilWent have a completely new design. At its creation it has been used in all the properties of random structure by forming glass reinforced polyester, which is made of not only the body but also the impeller and the frame of the rotating system. SilWent different low sound pressure levels at high performance and working pressure vacuum fan.

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