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To the house was dominated by warmth and comfort, you need to take care of a competent   the installation of the roof. One of the most modern and practical roofing is today Roof Roof Decking. It is an environmentally friendly product that can protect the house from leaks and collapses, ensure the integrity of the space under the roof. Protective layer Roof Roof Deckinga gives a guarantee of longevity and the roof of the house. But all of the above is possible only with proper installation of the coating. For a good installation should know about roofing.

Corrugated – it is nothing like galvanized steel of varying thickness, which is coated with a special polymer coating that protects the plates from rust and other atmospheric factors. Today released a large number of different brands Roof Roof Deckinga, which differ in size waves and form. For vertical type of buildings, such as the fence, you can use material with a small wave height, and the house is better to take Roof Roof Decking with a wave of 30 cm.  
Other materials for the roof   see the section   roof.


Sheets Roof Roof Deckinga must be shipped on a solid and level surface, having a length of not less than the length of the pack with profiled sheets. During transport, it is important to protect the product from mechanical damage and movement of the body. Secure the vehicle speed is 80 km/h. In addition, the need to avoid harsh braking and acceleration.

Work of loading and unloading

  unloading and loading packs with a profiled sheet is necessary to make with the help of lifting equipment, which is equipped with soft straps. If the length of packets exceeds 5 m, it is necessary to use a crosshead. The manual unloading important to attract a sufficient number of workers (one person on a sheet 2 meters), but at least two people. Lift and carry sheets profiled sheeting must be carefully and in an upright position, preventing the strong kinks. It is forbidden to throw a sheet on the ground and pull them dragging.

How to raise Roof Roof Decking to the roof?

Roof Roof Decking It is important to carefully lift the sheets to the roof to prevent damage to the polymer layer. You can not take the rise Roof Roof Deckinga in windy conditions.

  1. Sheets climb to the roof using lag, which are put on the edge of the roof to the ground.

  2. Raising takes place only one sheet.

  3. You can not start lifting in windy weather because of increased likelihood of damage Roof Roof Deckinga.

  4. When installing, make a check measurement of the roof, as in the construction of deviations from the project.

Also, you need to check:

  1. How rectangular roof slope. For this purpose are measured diagonally, the difference between them should not exceed 20 mm.

  2. As far as the flatness of eaves. Tolerance – 5 mm.

WARNING! Failure to comply with the norms of flatness is possible discrepancy sheets. The minimum roof pitch of Roof Roof Deckinga should be 12 degrees.

Additional Materials for the installation of roof Roof Roof Deckinga:

  1. Not any Roof Roof Decking suitable for covering roofs. Taking into account the individual characteristics and regional weather conditions, it is better to choose a carrier roofing Roof Roof Decking H or carrying the NA. In the regions, which are characterized by heavy precipitation and strong winds, are best suited to high-profile sheets, additional grooves and ribs. To properly calculate the number of sheets for roofing, need to take into account the area of ​​the roof, the slope which affects the horizontal overlap of the metal sheets.

  2. To protect homes and buildings from the excess moisture and leaks, as well as to protect the entire structure from destruction, experts apply hydraulic and vapor barrier film. It prevents the formation of condensate, what helps to protect the insulation from getting wet, and Roof Roof Decking – from freezing. The lack of moisture, among other things, prevents mold and rotting wooden rafters.

  3. To secure the hydraulic and vapor barrier film, and to provide ventilation gap, need truss bracket (kontrobreshetka) with a thickness of 40-50 mm. They fully duplicate the rafters, so count the number will just be.

  4. The element that binds the truss is a crate. To determine the right amount of it, you must know the length and pitch of the roof batten for the chosen brand Roof Roof Deckinga.

  5. As the fasteners can use conventional screws and nails, but in this case the inevitable corrosion of the roof and leaks. To avoid this, it is better to buy a special screws Roof Roof Decking. They have a special EPDM gasket that seals the hole in the sheet.

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