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The most decorative of all the roofing is tiled roof.  
In addition, it is durable, fire-resistant, and easy to operate: the repair of a roof, as a rule, is to replace individual, dilapidated, tiles. But tiled roof has a relatively large mass, so the roof structure under it should be more severe. Sloping tiled roof — 40-45 degrees.  
Crate under the tiled roof made of boards or bars of section 50 X 50 or 60 X 40 mm, putting them along the eaves. Step battens depends on the size of the tile.  
Boards or bars should be positioned so that the overlying tile is easily included in the underlying beater and the amount of tiles stacked both along and across the roof, would be equal to an integer.  
Nail bars in the direction of the ridge to the eaves. Once the crate is ready, on the edge of the cornice board placed 150 mm from the edge of the curtain on the attached dock rail.  
Tiles on the roof is raised and expanded so that it can be laid directly in the 2-3 series. For storage of the material used the bridge length of 5 m. All work carries a roofer sitting on a triangular bench assigned to the batten.  


  • Laying tiles ribbon
  • Laying grooving tape tile
  • Laying grooving stamped tile

Laying tiles ribbon    

There are two ways of laying tiles ribbon: a dual-layer and flake.  
Regardless of the method of installation work, first performed on the main slopes, then hipped, ribs and ridge.  
On the slopes of tiles stacked in parallel rows along the eaves towards the ridge so that each subsequent row overlaps the previous one. Thus all odd rows have to start and end with a whole tile, and all even — halves. Thus, in each row of tiles is shifted with respect to each other. The first row of tile laid on the bottom two purlins, clinging to their spines for internal face of the top batten. In the second row, it is attached in the upper end of the first row of shingles. Next, mount the tile is performed as in the first row, and prikonkovom number — in the second.    
Regardless of each tile roof pitch, gables and laid along the eaves, fastened to the furring. In other ranks fix only every second or third.    
To crate flat tiles fixed with nails or capping (pairs). Once the tiles are hooked spines of the crate, clamps are set around a series so that their horizontal flap was right on top of the shingles. Under the left lapel fed adjacent tiles. Top flaps closed overlying nearby. Ends klyammernyh hooks driven into the batten from the attic.    
The most common of all types of flat belt type of tile used tile « beaver tail that », placed on a solution in a row. In this case the consumption of material per 1 sq. m is 32 pieces, and if the coating is performed in two rows, the flow of the material increases up to 45 units. To prepare the solution you need to take 1 part lime and 5 parts sand and 1 part cement, all carefully sift, mix and add water. It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the solution will be too bold, otherwise it will give the solidification crack. The amount of cement should strictly comply with the norm, as its surplus gives additional strength to the solution, resulting in large losses in the repair of roofing material.    
The ribbon-type tile « baking » (Dutch) is laid without mortar from right to left two layers or layer in the form of flakes, so that the top row overlaps the bottom. This type of tile is attached with nails or capping.    

Laying grooving tape tile  

Slot tape tile differs from the presence of longitudinal ribbon close, ensuring a tight connection material.  
Use it often to cover the roofs of simple configuration: uni-directional or bi-directional. Laying is carried out only in one layer and starts at the gable along the eaves and continues in parallel rows towards the ridge. Shingles laid with an overlap on the width of the groove width and the length of — 75-80 mm. The bottom two rows of scaffolding or carried out with forests, and the subsequent — off the bench.    

Laying grooving stamped tile  

Slot stamped tiles, unlike tape is also close cross. Thus, the entire perimeter shingles interconnected Closed grooved joints, preventing penetration of precipitation.    
Tiles are placed on this type eaves to the roof ridge in one layer, making the overlap width and length to the width of the groove or rebate. Attach it with the wire passing through the eye of a tile to a nail driven into the pre-crate.  
To tiled roof is not blown by the wind, all the horizontal mezhcherepichnye seams from the attic coat with clay izvestkovopeschanym solution mixed with straw cutting or a solution of cement, lime with a small addition of fibrous materials (hemp, hemp).    
The ridge of the roof and ribs covered ridge imbrex. On the ridge it fits in the same direction as the on-ramp and on the edges of — always from the bottom up. The junction with the edges of the roof ridge is embedded socket of galvanized steel and cement mortar. Grooved tiles laid on the solution and fastened with wire, one end of which vdevaetsya in the ear, and the other is tied to the nails driven into the purlin.

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