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Roofing mastic

Roofing mastic bitumen-polymer and polymer mastic can be applied to various surfaces (steel, concrete, tar board) of any, even the most complex configurations (roof slope, which are laid on mastic are not limited to, up to the domes and spiers). But there is one important condition: the surface must be perfectly flat, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve uniform thickness of mastic cover. This is the biggest drawback of mastics.

Mastic is applied to the base in liquid form. After evaporation of the solvent, it hardens to form a solid seamless waterproof film. The thickness of the resulting film depends on the amount of dry residue in the mastic. In pastes, whose composition does not include the solvent, curing takes place without reducing the thickness of the applied composition.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the incline of roofs over 12% and the outdoor temperature above 25 & deg; C mastic must enter special fillers that increase its viscosity (thickeners, cement, etc..)

Modern types of mastics does not require a protective layer, as painted in the mass they have the decorative properties, and the material is sufficiently resistant to weathering. If necessary, protect the roof from mechanical influences (traffic areas, the installation of engineering equipment, etc.) performed a protective layer of gravel (10-20 mm), coarse sand (2-5 mm), small-sized sheets of asbestos-cement or asphalt, etc.. d. The ideal is a protective layer of river pebbles.

And further. Do not trust the installation of a roof random people. Trying to save money on the project, as the material and payment of workers turns triple cost. This applies to any type of roofing. Criteria for selection of the company common: the presence of a license, safeguards agreement with the terms; willingness to conduct a preliminary study of structures and in writing to inform the customer about possible problems, willingness to intermediate inspections and a high level of culture of dialogue.

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