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School construction: the need to know about bitumen roof shingles

Flexible shingles is one of the most popular roofing material, which boasts cancel the performance for a reasonable price. In modern construction are two different kinds of flexible bitumen – on organic and fiberglass batt. The second is an endangered species, but is also often used for flooring sloping roofs. Technology of production of both materials provides for impregnating natural or artificially synthesized bitumen, hence the name of the material.


Any flexible shingles used as the basis for organic cellulose or fiberglass, but they do not even obliged the material its excellent performance. Unique strength and durability flexible bitumen is achieved through the special admixture of polymers which are responsible for the reliability, durability and aesthetic properties of the material. Quality flexible shingles when properly stacking can perfectly serve for decades and preserve its original appearance.

Seal coat bitumen roof shingles presented stone granulate, which simultaneously performs the function of decoration and gives the material the required strength to use the material for years. Due to impurities rock dust achieved wide range of colors of the material. For example, shingles SHINGLAS presented in dozens of various options of colors and shades, all of which on request can be supplemented by staining technology « natural shade », which gives the roof a special style.


Basalt granulate, which is an indispensable component of the shingles, the roof effectively protects against mechanical damage and adverse environmental impact. It is due to him shingles Tegola becomes so original shades and colors. By the way, deep and rich colors shingles pass unchanged through the year, as is the same stone granules effectively protects the roof from direct sunlight and precipitation. Therefore, no whims of nature do not deprive your roof of her primordial colors.

The bottom surface of shingles usually shows a self-adhesive bituminous layer, which provides for a reliable fixation between a tile and reliable gluing to the substrate even this unconventional form elements of material such as flexible shingles Ruflex, which has the shape of a hexagon. Some brands of tiles mounted on the base with an adhesive strip of quartz sand, but it is typical for only the most elite of materials and not very widespread due to the fact that in this case the cost tile automatically becomes much higher.


Flexible shingles has virtually no restrictions on the use, the only condition is – angle pitched roof should not be less than 12 degrees. The undeniable advantage of flexible shingles is its cost-effectiveness, since its installation does not need special training base surface – the material is placed directly over the old roof, when it comes to roofing on older homes. However, before the process of laying the mounting surface should be a certain way to prepare. In new issue arises – Tiles are placed directly on the roof.

Another significant advantage of the material – the possibility of laying on the roof of a non-standard configuration. For a long time in the past were the days when the houses were alike as two drops of water. Today everyone wants to stand out, and an exclusive exterior house – a great tool of individualization. That's why owners of houses tend to unusual colors and forms. Buildings misconfiguration difficult to close the roofing material, but flexible shingles copes with it perfectly well. Even the most complicated roof-construction in the teeth of this unique material characteristics.

Ease of use bitumen roof shingles is caused by the small size of the individual elements, compactness and ease of the material stack, making it easy to raise the height. Installation of shingles is simple as ABC – to him, it would seem, and the child can handle. Of course, it is better when the cause is taken by professionals, but if you want a flexible bitumen can be laid even without special skills in the field of construction works. Given tips on packing and adhere to the instructions from the manufacturer, it is possible to carry out roofing work in a short time without sacrificing the quality of the masonry.

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