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Seam roof - its species

Seam roof - its species

Technology seam roof

One of the most reliable metal roofing today - seam roofing . Called seam roof sheet and rolled galvanized steel (as-coated or not), as well as the roof of the non-ferrous metals. Seam roof - a metal roofing, which connect the individual elements of the cover (pictures) are made by means of folds. Pfalz is a double and a single. Properly executed rebate eliminates any leakage. A high-quality metal to ensure the continued operation and a great appearance of the roof.

Installation of seam roof

Fastening sheets to the crate by means of special klyaymerov hidden beneath the surface of the sheet, so a hole on the surface of the surface sheets are absent. And do klyaymery along the edges of the sheets are wrapped in a special machine lock, which is called the fold. Due to rebate this technology is applicable to any device roofs, even the most complex, the profile without any additional overhead elements.

The appearance of standing seam roofing not violate the existing architectural shape, so it can be successfully used not only in the construction of new buildings, but also for the reconstruction of old ones. This roof gives the building an elegant look.

Company " Reinhard Bennemann " - The leading manufacturer of roof and gutter systems in Europe. The main materials are manufactured under the brand name BENNEMANN are high-quality roofing and elements of drainage systems made of copper and titanium-zinc roofing materials are ideal, with environmental purity and high corrosion resistance. Titanium zinc is ductile, easily machined. The roof of it in a short time becomes even snow-white color.

At customer's request can be made artificially aging the cover, with the copper roof takes on the traditional green and titanium-zinc - dark gray. All structural components of the roof BENNEMANN, including funnels, drainage pipes and trays, fasteners are made of a homogeneous material. This roof provides absolute water resistance and maintains its quality for over 100 years.

For the production of standing seam roofing is also used galvanized steel with different polymer coatings. The polymer coating can withstand any cold, and do not lose their properties under long-term heating to +120 C

Forms polymer coatings

  • Polyester - coating, proven long-term operation in the context. Polyester has good resistance to weathering and UV radiation. Protects metal from corrosion.
  • Matt polyester - is highly atmospheric and corrosion resistance. The matte surface of the material is particularly looks good on roof tiles.
  • PLASTISOL - has excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility, protects the metal from mechanical damage.
  • PURAL - new, based on the polyurethane coating. Excellent material for roofs and facades. It has high corrosion resistance and high color resistance to UV radiation.
  • PVDF - very resistant to weathering. The material has high corrosion resistance and long retains excellent appearance. Recommended for use in facilities where a coating stability and color tone are presented particularly high demands.
  • Sheets coated polyester are imported and domestically produced (Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works), coated sheets matte polyester, Plastisol, Pural and PVDF only imported.
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