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Shingles - safe and beautiful!

Want to make your home an exclusive gift, namely its roof? Then the shingles will be a real boon in this complex issue. Shingles for decades used as the soft roof. Use of shingles is very practical and certainly beautiful not only in the construction of country houses and cottages, but in the urban municipal buildings and public.

If your roof is made in complex configuration, and use of standard roofing materials is not possible, it is shingles can resolve the issue for the Development of high-quality roofing carpet. Due to its flexibility and the possibility of « bypass » all angles and protrusions, the material in a dense roof membrane acquires any form, and does not lose its qualities in laying on the convex part roof system or flue lines.

Shingles - safe and beautiful!

Specifications shingles

Roofing shingles has high integrity and waterproofing properties. The material is easy to install and later maintain. Also, another important feature of shingles in her long life. The manufacturer claims flawless performance capabilities of shingles for 30-35 years, so the most experienced builders and ordinary consumers give preference to this material, not based on the metal roof.

Due to its structural properties, shingles is not afraid of any kind of adverse weather conditions. Covering not only able to withstand extreme temperatures and abundant rainfall, but also resist high temperatures, preventing the fire, since the present composition of the material and refractory elements.

The structure and composition shingles  

The composition of material includes several components that make up several layers of shingles and bear its characteristics in the installation and operation of:

  • Glass – is the basis of shingles. Use of this material prevents the occurrence of waves on the surface of the roof and bubbles during installation. Also, fiberglass ensures durability and the absence of time-stretching material;
  • waterproofing layer – The composition includes a modified or oxidized bitumen high strength. To make the bitumen mass stiffness, used mineral fillers;
  • The backing layer – there can be used either film or bedding, which makes the tiles stick together during transportation to the facility or warehouse;
  • The upper layer – it uses granules made of natural slate or basalt, which protects the shingles during operation of direct sunlight.

Manufacturing shingles

Because the structure of shingles includes several layers, giving it its properties is carried out in several stages. Asphalt, which is used for impregnation of the oil produced by the oxidation and applied to glass cloth substrate with each side. In order to give the finished tile strength and ductility of bitumen in the mixture of polymers and plasticizers are added to increase the resistance to deformation of the material.

Shingles can realize a color other than black. When covering the upper layer of the material using certain fraction of crumbs and pigmented component that is attached to roofing material the desired color.

Shingles - safe and beautiful!

The benefits of shingles

Due to the fact that the composition shingles include effectively balance the properties of the other related products for the roof, it should be listed a number of advantages of this versatile material:

  • A high percentage of sound and heat insulation;
  • Shingles is not subject to corrosion and biodegradation;
  • Resistance to chemical acids, lichens and fungi;
  • It does not absorb moisture and is completely waterproof;
  • Heat and cold resistance, does not burn, does not require additional periodic maintenance;
  • In contrast to the metal, there is no danger of falling into the house of the lightning discharge, since the surface of the shingles do not condense atmospheric electricity charge;
  • High efficiency by minimizing waste at the device of the roof, which is particularly important in the regeneration of geometrically complex roof;
  • Low weight tiles eliminates the inevitable strengthening truss system and crates;
  • Lack of sail material, whereby the tiles can withstand sudden gusts of wind, not forming on its surface cracks, bends and various bundles;
  • Easy to assemble without the use of specialized, expensive tools. In this paper are utilized maximum of 2-3 people;
  • Affordable price and a wide range of different shades of shingles.

Shingles - safe and beautiful!

Installation work on installing shingles  

The functionality and practicality of the finished roof depends on the preparatory work and the subsequent installation. Battens must be performed   with more solid laying of OSB or plywood. You can use planed boards with a low percentage of humidity. Attaching shingles runs on glue or special attachment.

It is important to maintain the technical parameters of the roof on the minimum slope. According to the rules from the manufacturer, the angle of slope of the roof must be less than 12 degrees. This bias is recommended to do so in the device as a new roof, and during the restoration work for the roofs of old buildings.

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