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Soft tiles

Soft tiles
The roof of the soft tile Icopal.

Soft tiles
The roof tiles of soft Katepal.

Soft tiles
The roof of the soft tile Tegola.

Soft tiles
Coverage of soft tiles, lined with copper sheet.


Soft shingles is also often referred to as roofing tiles, shingles or shingls. It is a small flat plates with cutouts along one edge (usually a leaf imitates 3-4 tiles). This material is, on the one hand, is a single-piece, and on the other, it can be reasonably attributed to the group " soft ", roofs because of their structure and components used it is close to the web material. In addition, like all other soft roofing materials, it only performs protective (insulation) function.

soft tile produced, as a rule, the company, in the range of which there are also web materials, as most of the components used for the production of both, almost identical: oxidized bitumen, modified bitumen, fiberglass and some others. Manufacturing technology of roll and piece of soft materials is largely similar. For soft shingles and roll material is first prepared, but several other structures, and then to cut a special way of his tiles.

There are over two dozen colors shingles : from red, to create an impression of the traditional tile coverings, to simulate overgrown with moss or lichen surfaces. Tiles are available in different forms (in the form of a hexagon, rectangle, wave-like, etc.).


shingles can be used on roofs with a slope of at least 10 o , and if deviations from 10 to 18 o device must be a special carpet underlay. The maximum slope is not limited to, may be even cover the roofs of adjoining vertical sections of the walls.

Bituminous tiles are used for the construction of new roofs, and for reconstruction of old (stacked directly on top of the damaged coatings prepared in a certain way). In the case of the soft tile on top of the bituminous coatings, the last function as the lower backing carpet.

Soft tile looks great on the roofs of both private homes - cottages and public buildings, especially roofs with complex shapes. Tiles coated copper sheets, can be successfully used even for the dome of the cathedral.

The main advantage of shingles is that it can be used for roofs of any complexity, shape and configuration, until the bulbous domes and roofs, while it fits perfectly with the surrounding landscape. It has a high sound-absorbing properties.

Since shingles is a single-piece material and does not form a continuous coating completely, it is not required flexibility to such an extent as roll material. Deformation of the material (aging) are limited in each tile without disturbing the integrity of the coating of the internal stress.

In the market of the CIS countries is presented soft tile following companies: Icopal, Katepal, Lemminkainen, (Finland); Tegola (Italy), Mida (Lithuania); Gaf, Shingle (USA) and some other.

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