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Tegola Shingles Once upon a time tiles is a mixed clay with straw, formed into tiles and baked in the oven. For centuries it was one of the most common roofing materials. Even today, especially in the West, tiles – very popular roofing material. What explains such popularity?

Firstly, this material is usually reddish terracotta color, looks beautiful. Agree house under a tiled roof always looks elegant. Secondly, tiles almost afraid of fire, and therefore better than other roofing materials from the point of view of fire safety.

But, according to experts, the traditional tiles have flaws. And significant. For example, we have to accept the fact that the tiles accumulates moisture and the sudden decrease in temperature breaks the ice. This happens immediately. As a rule, it can withstand 1000 cycles of freezing-razmerzaniya that in our latitudes may mean 5 – 6 years. In addition, this material is quite heavy: the need to strengthen not only the foundation, but the walls.
And the new century has brought new technology. There was a special roofing material – shingles.
Name « shingles » – professional term producer (firm « Tegola Canadese »). In this case flexibility is synonymous with such characteristics of roofing material, such as ductility, strength and resistance to deformation. Let us look closer to the shingles. What is it?

What is shingles

In terms of   soft tile « Tegola » like a layer cake: several layers of « stuffing », top – icing and gritting. One component of « pie » – natural natural bitumen of Venezuelan origin and « stuffing » fiberglass – reinforcement (better adhesion) of bitumen layers. What is fiberglass? Recall matting – weaving of large coarse threads. Glass fiber is arranged in the same way only « thread », from which it is not cloth, but inorganic fibers.

Top shingles covers Sprinkling – granules basalt (basalt is considered to be the strongest among the non-precious stones). On the bottom (reverse) side lobe shingles silica sand is applied to the tiles from sticking together during storage and transport.

Beauty and quality – business card roofing shingles of firm « Tegola ». Beauty is achieved by adhering to old traditions. But the quality – know-how of « », Tegola secret manufacturing process. Slightly unveil the veil of secrecy.

The secret of the first. As mentioned above, the upper layer of shingles consists of basalt granulate. Its function – giving the roof color and protect it from ultraviolet radiation, because every roof fade with time. So, according to the technology used by the company « », Tegola staining basalt granulate occurs at a temperature of 840 & deg; C, that is, at the moment of firing, which gives the roof of rich color which is maintained throughout the life of the roof. This quality puts shingles « Tegola » in the first place among the existing analogues.
The Secret of the second . Roof tiles from the company « Tegola » able to withstand sudden changes in temperature. When tested for resistance material withstanding the temperature gradient from -70 & deg; C to 150 & deg; C. In addition to heat and cold, shingles « Tegola » withstand even hurricane – she is not afraid of wind gusts up to 180 km/h. All this is achieved by the very structure of « layered cake ».
The Secret of the third. The composition shingles include only inorganic components and a special « cocktail » modifiers. As a result, the material does not rot, it does not absorb moisture and, therefore, has no restrictions on the number of cycles of freezing-razmerzaniya.

Company – European market leader for shingles. It is almost a quarter century, since 1976, is seeking innovative technological solutions. And I must say, doing this successfully: flexible roofing « Tegola » are considered to be robust and aesthetically pleasing material.

Speaking of reliability. Warranty on all roofing materials « Tegola » is 10 years. Shingles « Tegola » It corresponds to the European quality standard EN 544 for roofing materials. Has the company « Tegola » and the European quality certificate ISO 9001 – It regulates not only the stages of development, design and manufacture of a tile, but also a system of distribution of materials, their laying and maintenance customers.

An additional confirmation of the quality and protection against counterfeiting are the production code and bar code identification. Need more his credentials? Please – « Tegola » the beginning of the certification according to ISO 14001, which regulates the production of ecological purity.

So we see that shingles « », Tegola adopting all the advantages of the traditional roof tiles, devoid of its shortcomings. Someone might notice: « But there is metal! & Raquo; I must say, in contrast to the flexible roofing, metal tiles require additional accessories, and this leads to a substantial increase in the cost of such a roof. For metal needed and additional waterproofing of the entire area of ​​the roof, and it – more money ... In addition, after the installation of metal is a lot of waste (again thrown out money), not to mention the fact that the material is « noisy ».

The collections of « Tegola »

But the choice of shingles « Tegola » not enough to know only the technical characteristics and the subtleties of the production process. We need to see her, to evaluate the aesthetics of the material. « Tegola » It offers 7 models of tiles with various modifications petals and layers of different thicknesses. Collection models of shingles are divided into two types.

The first type – collection, conventionally referred to the consumer economy class and economy plus. Their common feature – Floor of basalt granulate. This collection « Master » (Economy class, plus close to exclusives), « Mosaic » (economy class), « Traditional » and « Standard » (all – an economy plus).

« Traditional » – model for roofs with complex architectural decisions. The petals have a scaly shape. Scale tiles laid on the roof of the complex, creates a visual « the effect of motion », such movements glass pieces in a kaleidoscope.
« Mosaic » – shingles hexagonal mosaic effect: the same petal streaked with two different colors. Looking at such a roof from different angles, you can admire the colors of the game.
Collection « Standard » lots of different color options, their 13.
The price of the model of the first type of shingles – 6 – $ 10/sq., And « Master » – $ 16.7/sq.m.

The second type – class exclusive collection. All models are covered with a thin copper sheet. The use of copper on the tile – a tribute to the traditional copper roof, known since ancient times. By the way, the copper roof « spoke » prosperity and respectability of the house owner. It was believed that copper roof makes reliability and durability. Including because over time, copper covered beautiful patina that protects it from corrosion and damage.

However, traditional copper has three serious drawbacks:

1. Summary of the roof of the high cost of high waste and rolling.
2. The complexity of stacking sheets on the roof. Find a professional handler in our days is not so easy.
3. Physical changes with the time of the roof. Copper sheets are beginning to « walk », roof gets mobility, and eventually become loose joints and junctions. From leaks, problems & hellip;
So, the model with a copper coating (the second type of collection shingles « Tegola ») have the advantages of the traditional copper roof, but devoid of its shortcomings.

They all have the prefix « Prestige »: « Prestige Elite », « Prestige Compact », « Prestige Traditional ». This roof is not « », walking easier in the packing (for this procedure is sufficient hammer and nails), it is easy to use on the roof of any shape. After installation, for example, tile models « Prestige Compact » the roof becomes a monolithic view – as if it covered the entire single copper sheet.

Shingles « Prestige Traditional » patina with time and looks even finer

Respectability copper in conjunction with the shape of tiles give the building a special significance – whether it's a small villa or luxury mansion. Price 1 sq.m. flexible tile with a copper covering on average 25 – 40 $/sq.m.

So, no matter what model of shingles « Tegola » you use, the roof is not afraid of rampant elements. And if you are designing a house, firm « Tegola » It helps: The fact that the company has its own technical department. So be sure – Specialists of the company provide any information for the selection of an optimal solution for each project.

You can argue themselves hoarse about the facade, the walls of your home, what should be the windows and floors. But as far as the roof – Our advice to you: it should be only from the tiles! Flexible. Scaled. Relief. Mosaic. From company « Tegola ».

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