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The advantages of copper roofing

The advantages of copper roofing The unique properties of copper make it a wonderful roofing material, which is a whole range of factors and properties unmatched.

The main advantages of copper roofing of the following:

The longest service life

At the heart of the phenomenal longevity copper roof is high chemical resistance of the metal. Covering exposed to the elements and a thin layer of solid-oxide patina, she serves faithfully at least 100-150 years.

No operating costs

Fresh newly laid copper roof in the future does not require any care and supervision - it should not have cleaned and painted.

Environmentally friendly

Copper roof will never rust, does not crumble, it is completely neutral to the environment; the metal is not only absolutely harmless, but also has anabolic properties.

Maintainability cover

Even under the most severe mechanical damage to the copper roof is easily repaired, because copper is flexible and easy to solder.

Beauty, nobility and prestige

Copper roofing is always wonderful - and just laid, a reddish-colored metal, brightly shining in the sun; and served for a year or two, the noble bronze-brown, and soon the matte black; and finally old age, - bright green, while remaining in this state century.

Perhaps the only drawback of the copper roof is its rather high price, which, however, is consistent with the quality of the material.

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