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The advantages of modern roofing materials

The choice of roofing for the future of the house is quite a challenge in the face of the current abundance of different roofing materials. Roofing material must meet several requirements at once. It must be durable to endure rain and strong fluctuations of ambient temperature. This roof should have an attractive appearance.  

The durability of the roof to a large extent depends on the quality of a wooden base. If it is rotted and crumbled, such a roof would not last long without a major overhaul. At the same time, flowing roof itself can cause destruction of the wooden rafters and roof battens. Therefore it is necessary each year to check the condition of the roof to make timely repair it.  

By purchasing any roofing material, do not forget the rods systems weir, end trims, roof ridge. Only in this case we can hope for quality work on arrangement of the roof. For our climate, among other roofing materials ideal option is   metal sf   due to its great durability. What can be said about the slate and inexpensive zinc. Let us dwell on the advantages of roofing materials that are best suited to our climatic conditions.  

Metal has an attractive appearance, its appearance imitating natural tile. At the same time buyers access an extensive range of colors of metal. This roofing material has good mechanical strength at low his weight. Laying metal is possible even at low air temperatures.  

Natural Tiles are durable, it can be seen in old buildings scattered throughout Europe. This tile is not afraid of rain, frost and heat. The roof of natural tile looks very solid, emphasizing the wealth of the owner of the house. Recently popular so-called soft roof. It is also called shingles.  

It is the basis of glass fiber impregnated with bitumen-polymer composition. The front side of a shingles during manufacture sprinkled with rock dust to protect the bitumen-polymer composition from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage. Roof is ideal for roofs with complex geometric form. 

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