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The device is a soft roof shingles

The device is a soft roof shingles
Laying soft tiles.

When device roof soft tile base should be fixed, firm, smooth, dry and ventilated necessarily. Humidity his material according to the technology may not exceed 20% of the dry weight. The base board can be used plywood etc. During the reconstruction, the old coating (bituminous materials, metal sheets, etc.) must be properly prepared, it is extremely important to ensure reliable operation of the future of soft roofing shingles.

On the way to the installation of tiles affects their structure, the slope of the roof, as well as the base material.

The most easily fit tiles, having a self-adhesive layer and a protective film. In this case: the film is removed before installation, and each tile is attached to the base with nails or without them (for some types of tiles). After that, under the effect of solar heat, sticking occurs to the bottom surface of the base tile and adjacent tiles. As a result, formed a tight roof covering.

Features of technology of installation depends on the outside temperature at which the work produced. The best temperature for the installation of about +6 o C. If it is lower, the adhesion shingles is provided by heating the adhesive surfaces by hot air by a special device. In hot weather, the tiles need to be kept in the shade, to ensure easy installation and easy removal of plastic film.


The device is a soft roof shingles
Ventilation elements of soft tiles.

To device roof soft tile , in addition to ordinary tiles are also required for final assembly of the different elements and components. This curtain strips, ridge elements (with vents), ventilation tubes, vacuum fans (to optimize the ventilation of the roof structure or the upper floors), rolled materials for the bottom of the carpet, roofing nails or hooks, and others.

Usually soft tile manufacturers have special tables with estimated consumption of components, depending on the area and roof pitch.

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