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The main quality of a copper roof. Installation of copper roofing

The main quality of a copper roof. Installation of copper roofing Copper — it is not a precious metal, but noble. That copper used to roof the domes of Orthodox churches. Noble copper roof covered with old mansions of the nobility, and they experienced their masters than one generation. In the domestic construction   during the « economical economy » iron replaced copper, which continued to be used only for the needs of « defense ». In the cities of the factory sheds and typical high-rise buildings were covering unassuming galvanized. Today,   the unique qualities of copper roof again « declassified » and it is available for private developers.

The service life of the copper roof

A few years ago we talked about how the amazing copper roofing materials, which is available today to the ordinary homeowner. Like any high-quality material, the copper roof is considered to be an expensive, but has a number of advantages. First, its cost is comparable to the price of a prestigious ceramic tile. Secondly, the one-time costs of equipping the roof of copper as compared to its life and lack of maintenance costs are cheaper any available galvanized iron, whose maximum life — ten years if the sealing gaps in the spring and the mandatory painting.   Most   the customer, assessing the cost of copper roof, asks the question: why do I do on the roof of one hundred and fifty years, because I have so much, and not live. Of course, it is true if you do not take into account the children and grandchildren. After all, from you so they will receive a wonderful gift — high-quality solid roof, which do not need to worry as long as the house stands. Repair leaky roofs will not be for them an unpleasant task. Cost-conscious homeowner does not think the copper roof is unreasonably expensive.

Reliability copper roof

Copper roofing for quality and reliability is second to none — It provides excellent resistance to acid rain, while being totally environmentally friendly material. She also points to the prestige of the owners, because the copper roof worthy decorate any luxurious palace, and private cottage will be a local landmark. Over time, copper is only getting stronger, like the Siberian larch in the water. This is due to the formation as a result of oxidation in air patinovoy films — Copper becomes extremely wear-resistant properties.

In addition, the copper thermal conductivity, so the roof can be heated in the winter, which prevents the formation of ice dams and icicles. Everyone knows that icicle is able to injure a passer, and clearing roofs of snow and ice with a shovel and a crowbar will pierce the very roof.

New coated copper roof, attractive sparkles in the sun. Over time, it gets bronze color, and after fifteen years covered « malachite green », noble patina. If desired, the aging process can be accelerated by copper, using the technology of artificial patina.

The strength of the copper roof

In life there are storms and hurricanes, flying in a vortex heavy objects fall down the trees, so it is important that the roof during the revelry of elements not « gone ». In this respect, the copper roof is considered the most profitable option. Unprepossessing ambitious slate and stone are not able to withstand such attacks, and they have perestilat completely, and copper, and you will not find a trace. Copper is able to withstand bad weather and an ambitious whim of the architect or owner. You can   patterned roofs mimic the masonry, tiles, fish scales and others. True, the ornate pattern will be more expensive, because it is handmade, the author's work. It is understandable why the priests in the dome of the temple of the underlying Copper — it is durable, lightweight, easy to care and styling.

Installation   copper roof

The process begins with a roofing installation of the truss. The house where the attic is provided, do Insulating Standard « pie », which includes insulation, air gap,   providing adequate ventilation, paromembrany, retains water, but allows couples and lathing. This is not an easy design also includes a ventilation system, providing a favorable microclimate in the house. Thanks to her, the roof does not sweat, does not flow and does not decay over the entire service life.

The next step is laying. For copper roof installation is similar to the device of the roof using galvanized sheet metal — short leaf and single fold. However, most of the major construction companies use modern technology installation. For this rolled copper sheet length along the length of the ramp and « crosslinked » double seam. As a result, it turns solid roof, with no holes, it can serve as much as copper will allow. Using seamers provides a roof leak.

Copper   is a very flexible, plastic material, which is available for any form of roofs. The roof once « acquires » accompanying runners, skates,   plums, gutters. These additional elements usually affect the cost of the roof. Since copper is much easier — used remnants of tape, rags and scraps, that is, there is « waste products ».

Aluminium Roof

Copper has many advantages, but she has one limitation — Colour. Paint the copper roof — This means « sketch » a masterpiece of art. If the concept of the architectural ensemble provides a different color, you can use the aluminum sheet. Production of aluminum roofing engaged the German company Alcan. This concern executes supply of aluminum for the body of a number of models of Audi and BMW.

Aluminum coated with a polymer complex, which has about forty colors, including have coatings that mimic the old copper, metallic silver and bright bronze. This increases the potential for a lot of color solutions. For example, roof gutters and can be the same color or different.

In aluminum lifetime is ninety years old, and the color is retained for forty years. Aluminium different resistance to dirt, acid rain, sunshine, beautiful thermal conductivity. Polymer coated with a special film to protect it during transport and installation from mechanical damage, as well as copper, aluminum roofing is available in rolls, seaming fit.

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