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The roof of asbofanery

roofing asbofanery is different durability, fire resistance, ease of installation, but it has one drawback — brittleness.

It is used mainly in the construction of cottages.  
Lathing for roof made of wooden beams cross section 50 x 50 mm.  

Installation of the roof cornice begins with a number. Once it is fully paved, it is laid over the second row of overlapping 100 — 140 mm depending on roof pitch: the steeper the slope, the less overlap sheets.  
The horizontal rows of stacked sheets of the same lap at the half-wave or a whole.

The ridge and edges are covered by special ridge elements or whipped angled boards.    
To crate sheets asbofanery attached special slate nails, under which enclose two goals: the top of roofing iron, the bottom of roofing felt or roofing material.  

Upon completion of work the nail heads are covered with varnish or Surikova putty.

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