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Water drainage system Sibba

Water drainage system Sibba In the market Siba is the only gutter system , elements of which are coated with a polymer on both sides.

Plannja Siba supplies spillways for the past 40 years. Main product quality Siba - it is simplicity that makes it very easy installation.

Drains Siba are flexible and are suitable for both private construction and residential high-rise homes.

Full System spillway consists of the outer chutes with accessories semicircular configuration and circular tubes with a wide selection of accessories.

The color palette consists of nine colors plus the color of copper, galvanized steel and certain accessories.

The base material, with the exception of copper elements - a hot-dip galvanized steel with a coating Plastisol. The combination of zinc, passivirovki, soil and Plastisol coating ensures material quality such as color fastness and corrosion.

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