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What you need to know about the exploited roof

Already used in Europe for decades, and we are becoming popular flat roof on the cottages and homes. And if the roof is also still operated, it does give an individual structure and highlights the uniqueness.

What can arrange on flat roofs for the rational use of space? This may be a classic park or garden area used for recreation of family members and friends of quiet evenings. And on the roof can be fitted with even a swimming pool or a court for sports. You need to know that the design and subsequent construction of buildings with accessible roof has its own characteristics. To the roof will last for many years, it is necessary to properly design the roof itself with all the anticipated loads. It is necessary to take into account the weight of the roof, the weight of the equipment and the people who will be on it, as well as wind and snow loads.

Insulating materials used for the roof, must have the following characteristics: high load resistance, low water absorption, poor combustibility, dimensional stability. The correct and professional selection of materials, and quality production work on the installation of the roof to allow to rejoice and delight friends of the original roof, decorating a house.

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