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Zinc-titanium as a roofing material

Zinc-titanium as a roofing material Zinc-titanium as well as copper and aluminum is an excellent roofing material.

          The zinc-titanium is used for construction of new roofs, and for the restoration of old. Zinc-titanium alloy is a " D-zinc " or " deforming zinc ".

          " D-zinc " manufactured manufacturing method by making a relatively free of impurities zinc (whose degree is 99.995%) of alloying elements as aluminum, copper and titanium. Copper and aluminum give the alloy a sufficient ductility titanium, in turn, severely increases the resistance to corrosion of the material.

Pros roofs of zinc-titanium:

  • Environmental cleanliness, zinc-titanium is absolutely safe for health, does not contain carcinogens;
  • Acceptable cost zinc-titanium cheaper classic copper and externally Aged roof of zinc-titanium looks no worse than the roof of tinned copper;
  • Long service life, the roof of the titanium-zinc is at least 150 years;
  • Kudos, zinc-titanium - a material with which to cope, not every builder, many simply refuse to work on the device of the roof of the titanium-zinc.
  • Individuality, look around, how many roofs of zinc-titanium Have you seen?

          2-3 years, titanium-zinc begins to transform into a dark gray with a purple tint - the result of the formation of bluish patina that occurs under the influence of atmospheric manifestations.

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